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YouTube USA - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How are YouTube USA videos selected?

A. All Videos are hand selected by YT-USA staff.

Q. Why is a video unavailable?

A. YouTube USA is not directly associated with, so if a YouTube takes a video offline then it will not be seen on YouTube USA. YouTube USA does not host the videos, so if you have an issue with any of the videos please direct video questions to

Q. How do I make a video?

A. Click to see a YouTube video.

Q. What Categories does YTUSA offer?

YouTubeUSA currently offers:

  • Top 20 - The 20 Most Watched Videos on You Tube USA!

  • Music - The Best Music Videos in the USA.

  • Comedy - Top Comedy Videos on YouTube USA

  • Kids Vids - Kid Videos hand picked by YouTubeUSA kids.

  • Animals - National Geographic Videos and other YouTube Animal Videos

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